SharePoint error – “Another user has changed the structure of this list”

July 15, 2009

Recently while working on a recent SharePoint project, we ran into a problem when multiple users were editing a list item in the Datasheet view. We started seeing the following error below:

After searching online I found some solutions that recommended removing check-box columns from the view, however this did not work for me. I eventually opened up a case with Microsoft Services Premier Support (thanks Josh!) and we finally tracked this down to another column that contained a comma in the hyperlink URL (to a pdf drawing in another library):

http://sharepointserver/site/drawings/Colorado Springs,%20Colorado.pdf

Renamed the pdf drawing to not include the comma, added the updated hyperlink to the list item and no more error when editing other fields in a datasheet! This was pre SP2, so I don’t know if the issue still exists after installing SP2 or any cumulative rollups.




  1. We had the same issue, but could not find a solution yet. It seems to be related to a calculated column which takes information from other columns.

  2. Jerome,

    Does that calculated column include a comma or any other character(s) that may be causing the problem?

    Maybe the calculation in the calculated column is similar to the hyperlink problem, resulting in the string to ‘break’ the datasheet view in some way.


    • I had the same issue and tried your solution, it got fixed to all users except 2, can’t tell what the issue might be with those 2 users

  3. Mike,

    Try clearing the browser cache for the two users who are still having the problem.


  4. Hi, through searches, I’ve found 4 possible explanations to this error:
    1. One of the columns is a date field.
    2. Comma in the URL for the list you are trying to edit.
    3. One of the columns is a calculated column.
    4. One of the columns is a checkbox.

    However, none of these helped resolve my issue. I eventually found it related to Permissions; my Lists were not set to inherit permissions from parent site, so although users had Contribute permissions to the site, they could only View the Lists within it. So, either set the Lists to Inherit permissions, or, create the necessary user permissions within the Lists as well as the parent site.

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